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My Dog – Brendan Burke

My Dog Georgie, the Cairn terrier, is my delight.  The Cairn breed has a propensity to create games.  One game involves Georgie barking at me, in my chair, to challenge me to a chase.  I take up the challenge.  He then runs from me, stops briefly to pick up say, a ball or some other […]

Philosophy and Sophistry Revisited – Brendan Burke

Philosophy and Sophistry Revisited “Truth is great and will prevail if left to herself.  She has nothing to fear from the conflict of free argument and debate.” …….Thomas Jefferson, 1786. “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a great lie than to a small one.” ……… Adolph Hitler.

Amazing Grace by Brendan Burke

Amazing Grace Brendan Burke Great art is said to exhibit ‘polysemy’; that is meaning of a layered nature, many and complex meanings.  Similarly a work of scripture should not be considered to have only one ‘literal’ meaning.  To hold this view would be to debase the work under consideration.  However this is not to say […]

Reflections Reflected

Following on from the Cork Choral Festival last weekend, Cantabile Vocal Ensemble welcomed the Herndon Ecumenical Choir from the USA and Cantairi Mhuscrai from Ballincollig in a concert and photographic exhibition entitled Reflections Reflected and held at the Church in Princes Street last Wednesday, 6th May 2015. Guests were treated to a selection of photographs […]