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Next Service 31st January 2016

Fritz Spengeman: A New Look at the Book of Hosea




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Limits – Brendan Burke

Many, many years ago it was discovered that micro-organisms had a significant bearing in the spread of disease. Pioneering physicians introduced the practice of meticulously cleaning hospitals, especially cleaning hands before surgery. The results were, of course, spectacular; even if it took some time to convince everyone of the need for this level of cleanliness. Similar public sanitation had […]

Bach Lunchtme Concert

Pictures from the recent lunchtime concert featuring Aoife Burke and Siun Milne.

Summer Sing

Next week in the Unitarian Church, Princes Street, we will be hosting 2 cultural venue sessions. Summer Sing is a festival in which young singers aged between 6 and 14, experience the rich history and culture of Cork City, while nurturing their natural singing ability. Each day 360 children, aged from 6 to 14 years, will […]

My Dog – Brendan Burke

My Dog Georgie, the Cairn terrier, is my delight.  The Cairn breed has a propensity to create games.  One game involves Georgie barking at me, in my chair, to challenge me to a chase.  I take up the challenge.  He then runs from me, stops briefly to pick up say, a ball or some other […]