• Special Meeting:A Special Meeting of the Congregation will be held following service on 19th of March.
    In accordance with NSPCI rules only the following agenda items will be discussed:
    Update from Management Committee ( MC) on the transfer of responsibilities to the new committee.Co option of new MC members and election of officers. The new proposed bye laws will also be considered as well as the setting up of sub committes as needed.
  • Ordination: Please join us on Friday, the 24th of February at 3pm for the ordination of our very own Michael O’Sullivan. This is an historic moment at Unitarian Church Prince’s Street! Everyone is very welcome.
  • Cork Pulpit filled:  In this historic tercentenary year, the Cork Unitarian Congregation held an Extraordinary General Meeting after service today (15 January, 2017) to consider its ministerial requirements going forward. The assembled members voted to call Mr. Michael O’Sullivan to its pulpit.  This is a major step in paving the way toward Mike becoming ordained at Cork to fulfill this important position after many decades of vacancy.  Congratulations to Mike and his wife, Kay and to the Cork Congregation on this auspicious occasion.
  • Cork Pulpit: As announced during service, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Cork Congregation will be convened on 15 January after service to consider its pulpit supply. Members will be asked to vote to determine whether Mr. Michael J O’Sullivan, being so qualified, should be called by the Congregation to the Ministry of our Church.Members entitled to vote are those a) in attendance and b) on the Roll of Members as at 13 March, 2016. Mr. Michael J O’Sullivan will deliver a candidating address on Sunday, 8 January at 11:00. Attendance at this service is recommended but is not a required.It has been several decades since we have had a dedicated Minister in Cork and as we head into our 300th year, this is an important decision for us all. Looking forward to getting your views on the 15th.   Happy New Year.
  • We congratulate the Killinchy Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church and Rev. Stephen Reain-Adair, who was Ordained and Installed to its pulpit on Saturday, 30 April 2016.
  • A Synod of Munster  2016 will be held at the Dublin Unitarian Church on Saturday, 28 May.
  • General Synod 2016 will be held in the Glenarm and Cairncastle Old Presbyterian Churches on Tuesday 14th June and Wednesday, 15 June