Hi, my name is Rev Mike O’Sullivan, the minister of the Unitarian church and you are very welcome to our website. Have a look around, browse and see what you think!

I am very proud to be the first Cork man to hold the post in 198 years,  making my ordination in February 2017 both a wonderful and historic day for our church. I am what is commonly called in Ireland a “ late vocation” having worked in a variety of occupations before entering ministry.

Below in the Q & A you will get a glimpse of who I am.

Ministry training :

Accredited Lay Reader

Accredited Lay Preacher

Graduate of The Priory Institute ( 2016). I am at the moment pursuing further theological studies.

Licensed to ministry : 12/11/16 at Unitarian Church St Stephens Green Dublin

Called to Ministry : 15/1/17

Ordained : 24/2/17 at Unitarian Church Cork


We caught up with Mike for a quick Q and A, here’s what he had to say :

Married or otherwise? : I am married to Kay, we have an adult daughter

Early Bird or Night owl? : I am actually both, late to bed and early to rise.

Tea or Coffee : Must say I am partial to a coffee.

Fav food : This is easy, gotta be pizza

Cats or Dogs ? :We had both but our dog Bobbi passed away, now we have 2 cats, Oscar and Tilly

Saver or Spender ? I wish I could say saver!!

Casual or Formal dress ?: Given my job sometimes I have to be formal but mainly I like jeans and t shirt.

Are you into sports ? Yes for many years it was my job. I am a passionate and frustrated Arsenal fan

Are you a romantic person? According to my wife that would be a No!

Fav Books? : Work wise anything by John Shelby Spong, to chill out anything by John Grisham, he tells a great story.

What’s your ideal holiday ? : Sun, lounger and swimming pool.

Ideal dinner guests ? : Amongst the living, well John Spong, Gordon Ramsey, Oliver Callnan, Eammon Dunphy and Germaine Greer..quite a dinner party

Ideal outlook for a good life? : Got to be a sense of humour

What is a typical day for a minister ? : There isn’t one to be honest

Finally, favourite thing about Cork ? See sense of humour above!