Unitarians weddings and blessings services involve many of the elements normally associated with church weddings. They may entail the exchange of vows and rings. They might include prayers and music drawn from a variety of sources.

Cork Unitarian Church is a venue for legal marriages. In keeping with our liberal ethos, we place no barrier on the remarriage of divorced people. Marriages are solemnised by the Minister in Charge or by a Minister from our sister church in Dublin. In consultation with the couple, we provide a Marriage or Blessings Service that is personal and spiritual.church wedding

For same sex couples, we offer a Church Blessings Service which can be tailored to individual needs. In the event that the current legal status alters as a result of the upcoming Marriage Equality Referendum on May 22nd 2015, thereafter, same sex couples will be able to avail of our legal wedding services.


Those wishing to marry should initially contact the Church Secretary on 021 429 4158 to check the availability of the Church and then give the required notice to the Registrar of Civil Marriage, giving Unitarian Church, Princes Street, Cork, as the Venue for the Wedding.