chaliceOur Church is a home for dreams and visions.
It is a cradle to nurture and renew and enrich hopes.
We offer a sanctuary for those who need rest, who seek comfort and blessing.
Welcome to you no matter who you are:
Welcome to you dreamers and visionaries,
Welcome to all who see within life marvellous possibility,
Welcome to you who live those possibilities, and who have the gift to share with your
companions the humble offering of life.

In this church we join to celebrate those gifts. Welcome.
Welcome to you who hope, who see life’s possibilities.
Welcome to you who find your spirit uplifted,
and who know the magical, breathless wonder of a world that is still to be shaped,
a world waiting for the work of hands and hearts to become more healed and whole.

In this church we pledge ourselves to the hope. Welcome.
Welcome to you who seek sanctuary,
Welcome to all who come to find comfort and blessing in the company of fellow seekers.
Welcome to you who bring soft sorrows, aching pain and trembling fear.
We gather to touch one another, to be touched, to know that we are not alone,
but embraced,
and blessed
by this gathering and the larger love that enfolds us.

We bid you welcome.

What to Expect at a Unitarian Service

Unitarians have a long and varied history, which means that their buildings do no always confirm to a prescribed fashion or style. Some Unitarians hold services in Quaker meeting houses while other groups meet in members’ homes.

Here in Cork, Unitarian services may be led by either a minister or a lay person. The service is typically less formal than usual church services although, depending on who is taking the service, may include a similar format with prayers, readings and hymns.

Some services may have no reference to the bible and focus more upon the human condition or the natural world. Readings are taken from a variety of sources, and the services in intended not to indoctrinate, but to encourage each person to think for him/herself. Unitarians are united by a common quest for truth and justice and all are welcome, regardless of denominational affiliation.

The person giving the sermon or talk does not preach in the traditional sense of laying down creedal or dogmatic beliefs. You will not be told what to believe or how to live your life. Often the talk will lead to debate and dialogue. We believe it is through the acceptance of differing views that we learn both tolerance and acceptance.

The symbol of the flaming chalice represents the Unitarian search for truth and the chalice is lit at the beginning of each service, and extinguished at the end. After the service, you are welcome to join us for tea/coffee and chat. Our congregation is small, but vibrant and welcoming.