DoubleDown casino — free slots for all FB users.

If you are an active gambler that mostly uses mobile devices when playing, go to DoubleDown casino — free slots there are waiting for you. This is a special application for your Android, iPad, or iPhone.

Downloading it, you will get access to all gaming machines, Poker, Bingo and table games. It is up to you whether to gamble or just spend your time playing for fun: you can choose any option, and each of them will be cool. You can win or spend time relaxing after the day, filled with worries and stresses.

DoubleDown casino — free slots advantages

Download the apk file or a version for Mac of DoubleDown casino — free slots will open to you the doors to the world of real gambling. Here, you can add the slots you like to your “favorites” or remove them. The more you play here, the higher level you get. Therefore, your chances of getting bigger prizes are growing.

This is the place for each newbie and for all professionals of gambling. No one casino has such a proposition as Double Down. It has a special Happy Hour. It starts on Friday at 4 AM and 4 PM. During this time, DoubleDown casino — free slots (some of them) get jackpots symbols. Therefore, the gamblers get more chances to win the biggest possible prizes.

There is a special megabucks room to get a huge jackpot there. Make high bets to win, and get a Booster bonus. The winners get to the Hall of Fame, and later, they can feel like true celebrities!

Games and game codes for you

When you play different games at DoubleDown casino — free slots codes can be used. Go to the GameHunters to collect chips (to change them later for credits). Use a unique code each day. This code consists of 7 symbols, including Latin letters and a number. So, these codes are always different.

Once you use it, you cannot use the same code for the second time. Activating them (to do it, just clock on the window with these symbols), you will be sent to the FB page (it is better to have a Facebook account). After it, you will see the information about your award and start to play the following games:

  • Slots;
  • Video Poker;
  • DoubleDown casino — free slots with Poker games;
  • Bingo;
  • Table games, etc.

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